Horizon Simulations starts showing off its B787-9 for MSFS

The Horizon Simulations 787-9 project for Microsoft Flight Simulator introduces an intriguing rendition of one of the few wide-body airliners available in the simulator, the default 787-10, which is exclusive to the Premium Edition. This initiative was announced approximately two months ago, and since then, the developers have been diligently crafting a customized 787, aiming to bring its most popular variant to the virtual skies of MSFS.

To display the progress made thus far, Horizon Simulations provided an in-development build to select content creators, allowing them to exhibit the aircraft to a broader audience. For those with a keen interest in this project and some time to indulge in flight sim videos this weekend, streams by British Avgeek, 737NG Driver | A330 Driver, and Chewwy94 offer a glimpse into how this freeware modification performs as a long-hauler in its current state.

Horizon Simulations has not only shared a comprehensive feature list for the anticipated version 1.0 of this project but has also been actively disseminating development updates to the community. In a recent update, they elaborated on enhancements concerning the EFB, model, paintkit, and flight model. From the shared previews, the aircraft already showcases a remarkable level of detail, reflecting the extensive effort invested in the 3D model.

For the forthcoming version 1.0, a myriad of additions and refinements over the default model are expected. These include performance calculations on the EFB, a polished exterior model adorned with realistic textures like grime, dirt, and markings, improved engine fan blade animations, fine-tuned wingflex and engine vibrations, gear compression, among others. A complete feature list is provided below for a more in-depth insight.

There’s currently no indicated date for a release for this project. It’s freeware so it won’t weigh anything on your wallet, but you will have to own the Premium Deluxe version of the simulator because having the Asobo 787-10 is a must-have requirement for this mod to work.

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