Preview: Jabiru J160/J170 from IRIS Flight Sim Software

IRIS Flight Sim Software have been showing their Jabiru for MSFS for some time, and it seems like a release may be impending, given that version 1.0 has been submitted to Microsoft for evaluation. The team is now waiting for their feedback on any corrections deemed necessary.

The Jabiru is an Australian trainer aircraft, developed in two variantes: the J160, an ultralight, and the J170, an upgrade to the role of light-sport aircraft, with better climb performance at higher altitudes and hotter climates. The J170 is also made to comply with both the US light-sport rules and United Kingdom BCAR Section “S” requirements.

IRIS depiction of the Jabiru was already available for FSX and P3D, and the developers are now bringing the aircraft to MSFS, taking advantage of the new technologies available with the new sim. It includes PBR textures in both the interior and the exterior, a working Garmin Aera tablet and flight modelling which meets the Jabiru specifications and flight data sheet.

  • jabiru msfs 009
  • jabiru msfs 001
  • jabiru msfs 011
  • jabiru msfs 000

The J160-D model will be available with a hot pink trim both inside and out, and will come with removable spats (nose and/or main), and a choice of wooden, composite or 3-bladed prop, a custom digital ADI and touchscreen moving map panel.

Both variants of the Jabiru will have 8 liveries at launch, and IRIS is also including 4 bush trips to choose within Flight Simulator, which will be:

  • Gippsland Lakes Tour (Lilydale to Gabo Island via the Gippsland Lakes, home of IRIS Simulations.)
  • Tropical North Delivery (Bundaberg to Hamilton Island via the Sunshine Coast, home of Jabiru Aircraft.)
  • Red Center (Alice Springs to Ayres Rock Airport via Kings Canyon & Ularu)
  • Flinders Ranges Tour (Port Augusta to William Creek via Flinders Ranges & Lake Eyre).

Unfortunately only one of them will be available at launch (Gippsland Lakes Tour). The other will come at a later stage as part of a product update.

This new aircraft will be available from MSFS Marketplace right at launch, which is expected to happen soon, now that the aircraft is being evaluated by Microsoft.

Stay tuned for Jabiru’s release and also to know more about all the other great upcoming aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator!