FlyByWire A32NX updated to v0.3.0 with stunning night lighting

We’ve written several times already about the awesome project from a community of developers to turn the default A320neo into a much improved payware-level aircraft. Now under the FlyByWire branding, the team continues to work earnestly in bringing new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Today we see the release of version 0.3.0, which brings a ton of changes, with many things to be excited about. We were particularly impressed with the new night lighting and textures, which look absolutely stunning! Here are some screenshots shared by the community:

  • 3C221D32 07EF 4E72 8FFB 2F0192AACAA8
  • F943A747 D61C 4DD0 BF78 4F18ACC36ED0
  • 666A3F4F ADF6 4C68 AF5B C84F1EC9A3D4

You can read the extensive changelog on the official website, where you can also follow the project, as well as on GitHub and Discord server. And if you want to get some liveries for this shiny new girl, don’t forget to check out the Livery Megapack.

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