Got Friends announces the DoubleEnder, a twin-engine bush aircraft for MSFS

Got Friends, the team behind the phenomenal PZL-104 Wilga 35/80 Series for Microsoft Flight Simulator, has announced their latest project: the DoubleEnder. Once again, Got Friends is looking to offer simmers a highly-capable new bush aircraft, but this time in an especially-unique new configuration!

The DoubleEnder is a real-world prototype that was designed with safety and performance in mind. It’s a twin-engine airplane with a push-pull configuration, which eliminates directional instability during engine failure, besides being capable of providing enough take-off and climb power with just one engine.

One of the DoubleEnder’s most distinctive features is the bubble canopy, which offers a unique view for pilots, allowing them to see directly beneath their feet. This is especially useful when landing on unprepared surfaces, as the pilot is able to maintain visual contact with the ground immediately in front and beneath the aircraft.

Got Friends DoubleEnder MSFS 3

Got Friends DoubleEnder MSFS 2

Got Friends’ DoubleEnder project has been under development for some time, and is now being integrated into MSFS with initial flight modeling and animation work underway. Some of the features of the real-world prototype that Got Friends will be implementing for MSFS are the twin Rotax 916 engines, Airmaster Propeller Systems, custom slats, flaps, spoilers, fuel pods, cargo pods, and 35″ bush tires.

Got Friends has big plans for the DoubleEnder, which include fully functional systems, controls, failures, and more. The team hopes to deliver a product that closely matches the detail of the Wilga and is capable of joining that beloved airplane on many backcountry adventures!

Got Friends has shared a few sneak peeks of the aircraft in these early stages of development, which we share with you here as well. While there is still much work to be done, the previews showcase the team’s dedication to detail and visual accuracy.

As always, we will be keeping you updated with more information about this new project from Got Friends in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, it’s a great opportunity to watch the video below, where you can witness the DoubleEnder prototype in action in the real world!