Cera Sim teases the Mi-17 helicopter for MSFS

If you’re into helicopter flight simulation, particularly on older platforms, you’ve probably heard of Cera Sim. This developer has earned its reputation for crafting highly detailed helicopter models, particularly for legacy platforms like FSX and P3D. However, since the advent of the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator, Cera Sim has been noticeably absent. until now, that is. This week, the company broke its silence and dropped a teaser hinting at their intention to start developing helicopters for MSFS, kicking off with the Mi-17.

The Mil Mi-17 isn’t a new venture for Cera Sim; they’ve already developed this Russian transport helicopter for the P3D platform. The announcement came accompanied by a preview screenshot of the Mi-17, a visual appetizer if you will, but didn’t offer any additional specifics. While it’s great to see Cera Sim finally embracing MSFS, we’re still left in the dark about the exact timeline and other nitty-gritty details concerning their full engagement with the platform.

cera sim mi 17 msfs 2

In a niche as passionate as flight simulation, reputation is everything. Cera Sim has a history of delivering top-tier, realistic helicopter models, so it’s safe to say that their foray into MSFS will be closely monitored by the community.

So, for now, we’ve got that teaser shot to whet our appetites and not much else. But that’s enough to keep us all watching closely for the next move from Cera Sim. Stay tuned for more news, because if their past work is anything to go by, whatever they roll out next is bound to be exciting.