Parallel 42 releases the Juice Goose UTV for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Parallel 42 has released its ingenious Juice Goose UTV, a meticulously crafted electric off-road Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, geared towards simmers keen on exploring rugged landscapes from the ground level. The UTV is engineered to navigate challenging terrains, sandy dunes, and remote backcountry trails with ease, providing a fresh, grounded perspective in a traditionally sky-bound simulator.

Available in three motor variants, each tailored to a different driving style – Crawler, Touring, and Speedster – the Juice Goose UTV offers a broad spectrum of exploration dynamics. The UTV also features 13 liveries and optional vehicle accessories for added customization. This is further enriched by the package’s inclusion of a custom //42 scene at 42GB Goose Bowl, a real-world playground for off-road vehicles, along with 12 terrain-optimized off-road playgrounds, broadening the horizons for ground-based adventures within the simulator.

One of the distinctive features of the Juice Goose UTV is its user-friendly controls. It’s optimized for Xbox Controllers with an industry-standard drive control mapping styled after Forza Horizon, ensuring a smooth transition for simmers familiar with conventional driving games. Cruise Control provides a respite for your trigger finger during extended drives, while the All-Wheel Drive and Rear-Wheel Drive options, toggled at the flip of a switch, alongside a Climb Assist mode for steep gradients, ensure a competent handle across varied terrains.

Dynamic Steering is integrated to offer safe control during high-speed turns, which can be disengaged for those interested in drifting. The UTV also boasts of a robust and accurate ATV/UTV driving model accompanied by a study-level suspension system, providing a realistic driving experience. The customizable License Plate, inflatable “Otto” Copilot, and removable vehicle options like roof, doors, and windscreen, add a personal touch to the vehicle.

The Juice Goose is fully made to embrace multiplayer experiences, allowing for shared experiences in exploration where removable vehicle options are synced for ultimate personalization. Built-in portable radio, customizable for PC players, provides a curated selection of driving tracks to augment the adventure ambiance. The UTV also sports high-fidelity 3D Model & textures, custom ground visual effects like dirt, sand, tire smoke, and spectacular wrecks and tumbles!

Parallel 42 Juice Goose MSFS 4.png

Parallel 42 Juice Goose MSFS 3.png

Parallel 42 Juice Goose MSFS 1.png

As you can see, this is much more than a simple ground vehicle model to play around in MSFS. The Juice Goose is a grown-up simulation packed with features. Beyond all of the above, it also comes with an automatic vehicle reset when flipped, custom tire friction model, RWD/AWD switcher, electronic parking brake, custom Dashboard Instrument Cluster UI, and a slew of other features like the OBD style data streams in the dash displaying various vehicle metrics.

Adding to the aesthetic appeal is the lighting system with 169 possible lighting combinations between whips & underglow, colorful & bright LED night lighting, and custom roof rack Floodlights to illuminate dark trails.

With a price tag of $15.00, the Juice Goose UTV is currently available for PC with a pending release on the Marketplace for both PC and Xbox.