Taog’s Hangar is out with a new helicopter for MSFS, the SA315B Lama

Taog’s Hangar, whose Alouette III quickly became a favorite among rotorheads in Microsoft Flight Simulator, has released a new helicopter for the simulator: the SA315B Lama. This latest addition to MSFS’s helicopter fleet is a meticulously crafted representation of the iconic SA315B Lama, known for its high-altitude prowess and versatility.

Developed by the French aerospace manufacturer Sud Aviation (later Aérospatiale), the Lama is a variant of the Alouette II, equipped with the powerful engine of the Alouette III. This design made it particularly effective in high-altitude conditions, a niche it excelled in during the late 1960s. Its fame was cemented in 1972 when it set a world record for the highest-altitude landing and takeoff on Mount Everest. Today, the SA315B Lama is still in use around the world, especially in regions where its high-altitude capabilities are essential.

Key features of the addon include an authentic design with detailed exterior and interior models, an immersive sound package, extensive customization options, a detailed flight model, and a selection of 30 liveries.

As with the Alouette III, Taog’s Hangar’s focus with this new helicopters appears to be a comprehensive package that attempts to nail the essentials and then offer some cool additional options for simmers to enjoy. The developer promises excellent visuals throughout, a detailed and realistic flight model that closely matches the known performance of the SA315B and more than a dozen attachments that enable users to customize the Lama’s profile for various mission types.

The SA315B Lama is available for purchase and download from Flightsim.to, priced at €29,15 EUR.