Indiafoxtecho shares details on product roadmap for MSFS

Indiafoxtecho has been on the forefront of new aircraft for MSFS since the new sim release. We’ve already seen two excellent new aircraft from them, the Long-EZ and the Aermacchi MB-339, and there’s many more in the works!

Dino Cattaneo shared on Facebook what the plans are for the future, starting with the announcement that the team as gotten bigger, and is now able to tackle 10 new projects in active development. While some of these new aircraft are based on FSX and P3D releases, the developer promises that this is not a simple asset conversion, and that 3D models and textures are being rebuilt from the ground up to meet the new standards set by MSFS.

indiafoxtecho msfs 1

On a second note, the developer stated that the current status of the simulator doesn’t allow certain kinds of aircraft (namely supersonic jets), so the team is splitting aircraft development into three tiers:

1 – Aircraft that can be appropriately developed in MSFS with current code: SU-32, MB-336, TA-4J
2 – Aircraft that can be simulated with current MSFS code base, but need further research: M-346 Master
3 – Aircraft than can’t currently be properly simulated, awaiting future SDK updates: F-35, Eurofighter, F-14

Besides these aircraft, there are more in development that cannot be announced at this stage. While the first two tiers contain planes that may be released in the coming months, the developer warned that, for those on the 3rd tier, release isn’t to be expected before Q3 2021. More details will follow up soon, possibly with estimated release dates for some of these birds.

For now, the developer left us with some new images:

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