The iconic Alouette III is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Taog’s Hangar has just released his first add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the iconic Alouette III helicopter. The Alouette III, designed and manufactured by Sud Aviation in France in the 1950s, has served in various roles worldwide for over six decades. It looks and works very much like a flying observatory, perfect for exploring the world in MSFS, where you’ll be able to replicate the important role it played in many countries around the world, from military operations to civilian missions.

The Taog’s Hangar Alouette III for Microsoft Flight Simulator provides users with the opportunity to experience flying this legendary aircraft. This package offers numerous reasons for simmers to consider purchasing it, including its historical significance, challenging flight characteristics, realistic simulation, and versatile performance.

Key features of the Alouette III add-on include a detailed exterior and interior model, an exclusive sound package, detailed animations of different aircraft parts, over a dozen attachment options, a detailed flight model, and both wheel and float versions. The package also comes with 18 liveries.

Allouette III MSFS 3

Allouette III MSFS 4

Allouette III MSFS 2

Allouette III MSFS 5

Allouette III MSFS 6

Allouette III MSFS 7

Allouette III MSFS 8

With its sleek and slender profile, powerful engine, and spacious cabin, the Alouette III was deployed to countries worldwide. It has served in various capacities, including personnel and cargo transport, aerial reconnaissance, search and rescue, and even as a gunship. The helicopter has seen extensive use in military conflicts, such as the Vietnam War and the Falklands War.

Taog’s Hangar has painstakingly recreated the Alouette III for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and promises to have captured its unique flight characteristics and provide a true-to-life flying experience. The announcement trailer video perfectly showcases the visuals of this aircraft, which look very detailed and realistic!

The Alouette III is out now for MSFS, priced at around €24 + tax through