Kodiak 100 updated with deeper engine simulation: overstress failures, hot starts, and more

SimWorks Studios launched the Kodiak 100 for MSFS with aplomb, immediately garnering universal acclaim for the overall quality of the product. From great visuals and sounds to an authentic and accurate flight model and systems simulation, the Kodiak continues to be one of the best utility aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Kodiak 100 has been a great experience from the start, but naturally there are always some things that can be improved and new features to be added. SWS isn’t skipping on their duties with product support, and after a few updates that mostly fixed issues and improved existing aspects of the simulation, the Kodiak is now getting its most interesting update yet. Version 1.2.0, released just a couple of days ago, brings a deeper engine simulation that adds a number of new considerations for pilots flying this capable aircraft.

Besides the usual bug fixes, this update implements new things to be aware of when flying the Kodiak 100. Simmers will now need to be careful in managing the engine, because it can now fail due to overstress, overtorque, or overheat. SimWorks Studios also added a custom ITT logic and even engine hot starts. No more careless startup procedures!

SWS Kodiak 100 update MSFS 2
The Kodiak is a brilliant choice to explore the world in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This improved engine simulation alone would be worth the special attention to this update, but there is more to be aware of. Pilots should now experience more accurate fuel flow under several conditions, and even fuel starvation when flying at negative G forces.

If you’ve been busy with other quality airplanes that have since been released, some of which also feature an immersive engine simulation (such as the Milviz 310R), then this update should be a great excuse to go back to flying the Kodiak with a more watchful attitude.

To see all that’s new with v1.2.0 of the Kodiak 100, check the full release notes below and make sure to grab your update from wherever you made your purchase.

Changelog of Kodiak 100 Series II v1.2.0:

  • Fixed missing Ignition switch sound
  • Fixed bug where aircraft noses down when autopilot disengages
  • Fixed typo in units of flap autotrim system
  • Added TAWS INH annunciation on PFD
  • Modified TAWS TEST warning to not play if TAWS INHIBIT is on
  • Corrected idle fuel flow and improved consumption at lower ends
  • Implemented custom ITT logic
  • Implemented engine hot starts
  • Implemented engine failure due to overstress, overtorque, overheat
  • Implemented starter failures over time or with abuse.
  • Implemented fatigue persistence for engine and starter
  • Specified 0 heaters in pilot AC zone
  • Corrected AC temperature initialisation
  • Added ESP system
  • Added fuel starvation when flying at 0G or less
  • Fixed propeller drag and speeds at lower end of spectrum
  • Corrected Air Conditioning initialisation temperatures
  • Fixed wing leveller functionality
  • Added VR touch controller support
  • Created PFD & MFD cameras
  • Fixed some duplicates and errors in some cfg files
  • Code cleanups