The Kodiak 100 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

As promised by SimWorks Studios a few weeks ago, today we can finally get our hands on the highly-anticipated Kodiak 100 for MSFS. After its initial announcement earlier this year, the rugged STOL aircraft, a sort of mini-Caravan, is now available to take you on some serious backcountry delivery missions.

The Kodiak 100 is only the second aircraft that SimWorks Studios is bringing to MSFS, after the Zenith CH701 STOL. It’s a much more serious aircraft, powered by a single turboprop engine and capable of carrying up to 9 passengers or a good bunch of cargo to a distance of more than 1000nm. A great choice for those Neofly cargo missions, especially for the most adventurous pilots, since the Kodiak 100 is able to land in unprepared runways less than 350ft long!

SimWorks Studios worked closely with Daher and Hartzell in order to accurately recreate the Kodiak 100 for MSFS. The handling and performance of the aircraft were tested by real-world pilots, looking to get a virtual package that flies by the book.

Matching the Kodiak 100 Series II, introduced in 2018, SimWorks Studios added support for the Working Title G1000 NXi. A custom ESI500 Electronic Standby Instrument with full navigational capabilities has also been included. The rest of the cockpit also features switches and circuit breakers that are almost all functional.

With this officially licensed rendition of the Kodiak 100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, SimWorks Studios tried to capture every aspect of the aircraft, within the limitations of the simulator. At launch, the package includes four exterior and five interior variants, all created using factory CAD data and hundreds of photos. Sounds have also been recorded from a real aircraft.

The Kodiak 100 is now available in its wheeled variant, with 40 liveries included in the package. The amphibian version is also available here.

Kodiak 100 MSFS 7

Kodiak 100 MSFS 6

Kodiak 100 MSFS 5

Kodiak 100 MSFS 4

Kodiak 100 MSFS 3

Kodiak 100 MSFS 2

Key Features:

  • Realistic flight model
  • Full G1000 NXi integration
  • Custom air conditioning system
  • Accurate 3D model created from factory CAD data
  • Cargo pod and no cargo pod versions
  • Standard and tundra tyres
  • Five different interiors: cargo, passenger, mixed, skydive, summit (executive)
  • High quality sounds recorded from the real aircraft
  • Custom animations: landing gear flex, tail fluttering, working cabin lighting, armrests, air conditioning
  • PDF manual included in add-on folder

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