The Kodiak 100 from SimWorks Studios will be released for MSFS on December 17th

At long last, we finally have a release date for SimWorks Studios Kodiak 100. The team has revealed that the aircraft will be out for MSFS just in time for Christmas, on December 17th. After many months of development, which we’ve covered extensively, the Kodiak is finally ready to launch!

The Kodiak 100 was announced earlier this year, after SimWorks Studios’ release of the Zenith CH701 STOL late last year. The Kodiak is definitely a more serious and complex undertaking, with its powerful PT6A-34 turboprop engine and STOL capabilities demanding more attention to detail from the developers.

Once the 17th of December arrives, you will be able to find the Kodiak for sale on SimWorks Studios own website, but also on SimMarket, Orbx, and other third-party stores. The Kodiak is also expected to release on MSFS Marketplace for PC and Xbox users, but that may take a bit longer.

The Kodiak 100 will first be available on its wheeled variant, priced at €29.99. As for the amphibian version, it’s also being worked on by SimWorks Studios, but it will come a little later in an independent package, to be priced at €14.99.

The Kodiak is a popular “workhorse” airplane, similar in shape to the Cessna Grand Caravan, but smaller. It’s a popular choice for pilots and airlines operating in rough terrain, and bush pilots may be familiar with it from the Missionary Bush Pilot Youtube channel, which follows the adventures of a Kodiak 100 in the challenging terrain of Papua New Guinea.

While you wait for the release date, there’s a great preview video by TwoCats, who had the chance to try an early version of the Kodiak in a three-and-a-half hour long stream on Twitch. A good opportunity to see the Kodiak in great detail!