MtnFly Simulations working on a freeware Learjet 35 for MSFS

Business jets are still rare breed in Microsoft Flight Simulator. There’s been no releases from third-party developers since the simulator launched last year, although we know there are a few interesting ongoing projects, such as the MG Hondajet or the Aeroplane Heaven Sabreliner. Today, we’re bringing you a new project, which aims to recreate the Learjet 35A and 36A models.

This project is being developed by a solo developer, who goes by the name of MtnFly Simulations. His goal is to bring to MSFS users a freeware Learjet 35, an aircraft that the developer has admired since childhood. Initially built for FSX, this 3D model of the Learjet was left abandoned by the developer, but he has now found the strength to carry on with his project, now that MSFS is out and provides a hugely promising new platform to fly an aircraft such as this.

Particularly interesting with this project is the fact that the Learjet 35 features a steam gauge cockpit, quite different from the most modern corporate jets, like those that are included in the default aircraft offering in MSFS: the CJ4 and the Longitude.

Learjet 35 MSFS freeware 2

Indeed, we do have a very good bizjet in the Working Title CJ4, which appears to fulfil most needs from pilots who love this kind of airplane. But a Learjet 35 would certainly offer something unique, a more analog experience that could be an interesting upgrade path to those pilots looking to step up from twin-prop general aviation airplanes.

MtnFly Simulations is looking to create a fully functional aircraft, down to the circuit breakers. The latest development update, which you can follow on Discord, revealed that the developer is currently working on the aircraft’s electrical and fuel systems, which he aims to replicate as closely as possible to the real aircraft.

Together with this development announcement, there are for now just a few previews images, which show an aircraft that is very much a work-in-progress. Still, this can be a promising new airplane for MSFS, in a category that certainly needs a little more variety. As usual, we will keep a close eye on this project and let you know of any significant updates once they are available. Stay tuned!

Learjet 35 MSFS freeware 1