FSDG announces Landmarks of Germany, with thousands of VFR-friendly landmarks and POIs for MSFS

FSDG (Flight Sim Development Group) has announced a new product line for Microsoft Flight Simulator, destined for VFR pilots who like to fly in Germany. Aptly named as Landmarks of Germany, this new series will add thousands of landmarks and points of interest to all the 16 states of Germany, starting with Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Landmarks of Germany will add a wide variety of well-known landmarks to Germany, such as football stadiums, solar parks, castles, bridges, dams, towers, antennas, and more. A similar idea to the brilliant (and free) mod We Love VFR, although it appears FSDG is looking to add more object variety.

While the overall goal is to add more than 2000 objects across the whole country, FSDG is starting with Baden-Wuerttemberg, which gets more than 270 structures. It’s now available at just under €10.00. FSDG says that smaller states will either be combined in packages or sold at lower prices, so don’t extrapolate a final cost based on the first release. But it’s easy to understand FSDG’s goals with this business model.

FSDG Landmarks Germany MSFS 6

FSDG Landmarks Germany MSFS 5

FSDG Landmarks Germany MSFS 4

FSDG Landmarks Germany MSFS 2

FSDG Landmarks Germany MSFS 1

FSDG Landmarks Germany MSFS 7

Germany already saw a free update with World Update VI, which added some well-known landmarks as well. Clearly, FSDG is looking to greatly enhance Germany’s scenery beyond what’s available in the base sim, something that VFR pilots may welcome. And there are a lot in Germany!

While the developers promise to bring more states soon, it’s unclear when and how often these will be available. In any case, if you usually fly in the BW region, you now have a nice new collection of POI’s to help you navigate across the beautiful German landscapes.