Check here the last images of the F-16 for MSFS, due for release next week

As promised, SC Designs will have its F-16 Fighting Falcon ready for MSFS pilots to enjoy this month. The release is currently expected to happen next week, where it should be available through Just Flight.

As a last tease to sweeten the deal, SC Designs published a few new images of its aircraft, showing the detailed external and interior models and even the afterburner. SC Designs say that the F-16 will feature full fly-by-wire controls, which have famously enabled the F-16 to be an incredibly agile machine while dogfighting other aircraft.

This is the very last week of development for the F-16, with final testing taking place while the Sim Acoustics sound set is being implemented. This should make for a particularly exciting feature, since the sounds have been recorded from a real F-16.

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 8

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 7

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 6

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 5

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 4

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 2

SC Designs F 16 MSFS 1

The SC Designs F-16 will come with three aircraft variants, the F-16C, F-16D and F-16L, along with at least 10 different liveries. Pricing is also set at this moment: £24.99, which makes around $32.00 / €30.00.

The F-16 will join a series of military jets that have been released for MSFS over the last year, including some offerings from DC Designs, sister studio of SC Designs. Fans of fighter jets have an increasing number of airplanes available for the sim, such as the F-14, F-15, FA/18, the T-45C Goshawk, or the recently released TF-104G Starfighter. IndiaFoxtEcho is also finishing his work on the F-35, so there’s a lot to be entertained with if you like to fly high and fast in MSFS.