Adds thousands of VFR objects in Europe with this must-have free add-on for MSFS

We Love VFR is a very impressive project that we’ve featured before. Now, six months after that initial version, this add-on has become an essential addition to any pilot looking to do VFR flights in Europe. The enormous amount of VFR objects that are included here will significantly enhance the enjoyment of navigating with visual landmarks, with recent updates increasing the object library to a staggering 130.000 objects.

With Flight Simulator excelling in providing a realistic world for anyone looking to fly seemingly anywhere on our planet, every visual clue is important to really create an immersive navigation experience in VFR. While MSFS does recreate the world’s textures and overall features with amazing accuracy, there are some things missing, particularly those unique objects that the AI is unable to generate from the Bing data.

That’s where We Love VFR comes into play. The developer, PuffinFlight, used OpenStreetMap data to gather information about the location of thousands of antennas, chimneys, construction cranes, and satellite/radio dishes from all around Europe (and some more). The current pack includes the entire Europe, Northern Africa and some of the Middle East. Other regions like the Americas and Asia are currently in development as well.

The developer has plans to continuously update this scenery pack with new objects. Chimneys, for instance, were recently introduced, and cooling towers are planned for a future release. There’s a wide variety of objects here, with over 100 custom models. Performance is also very good – in our experience, there’s no noticeable impact.

Where there’s definitely an impact, though, is in the enjoyment of flying in an area where these objects can be found. Antennas are always very useful to get your bearings, as they can be seen from quite a distance. Mind your altitude, some of them are massive, like this one in Iceland at more than 400m high:

A side effect of this add-on is that suddenly you gain thousands of additional points of interest. Telescopes, in particular, can be really cool to see and fly around, as well as radio telescopes and even some chimneys, like the famous Trbovlje Power Station chimney in Slovenia.

In the end, We Love VFR has become an absolute must-have add-on if you’re flying VFR in Europe, and earns its spot in our list of the Best Free Addons and Mods for MSFS. It’s exciting to see the project expand to other areas of the world in the future, and for the unbeatable price of FREE, there’s no reason not to get it!