This is the missing Seasons mod for Flight Simulator

One of the most often requested features for Flight Simulator is Season changes. The possibility of flying with more accurate environments, with trees that represent the real-world seasons, maybe even seeing these changes environments in flight, by going to northern or southern territories, is something that would greatly upgrade the immersion levels while in the air. Even though this is a planned feature by the Flight Simulator team, it’s currently expected to come out only in 2022. Thankfully, there’s a great third-party mod that fills the gap with flying colors!

Bijan Habashi’s 4 Season Pack is a continuously updated mod that introduces dozens of new trees, shrubs and bushes, greatly increasing the vegetation variety in the sim. This new flora is then accurately placed around he world, based on the native vegetation of each region.

This increased variety of trees allows the effective implementation of seasons. Now you can have Spring vegetation in the northern hemisphere, while the south is populated with the warm colors of Autumn, or vice-versa.

This package covers the whole world, and some areas even get customized vegetation, such as the tulip fields in the Netherlands or baobab trees in Madagascar.

In the end, this mod creates a significantly different appearance in the sim, with a wide variety of trees that are placed in ways that make sense and feel less random. And the developer continues to release free updates very regularly, expanding and improving his product with great attention to detail. Highly recommended!

You can get Bijan’s Seasons in a couple of different ways. The complete package, with the Seasons that you can choose to install individually, is available through Simmarket for around $28 / 23€.

Bijan Seasons Mod MSFS 4

Bijan Seasons Mod MSFS 3

Bijan Seasons Mod MSFS 2

It was also launched this week on the MSFS Marketplace, but here just as a Multi-Season Spring/Fall pack (Spring in the north, Fall in the South), costing $9.99. The goal is to have all 4 season available in the Marketplace, all priced the same, so getting the complete pack through Simmarket seems like the better deal. In any case, it’s a must-have and a great alternative while waiting for the official Seasons support.