PMDG releasing the 737-900 for MSFS on February 7th

PMDG is finally ready to let the big boy out. The Boeing 737-900, the longer variant of the series and the missing piece of PMDG’s collection for Microsoft Flight Simulator, just got a precise release date: February 7th!

The 737-900 has been long overdue. PMDG’s developers certainly took their time perfecting the stretched 737, which had been expected to release shortly after the -800 variant. It’s now finally here (well, in just a few days) for those who wish to complete the whole collection or simply waited for this particular model to get into PMDG’s 737 product line.

PMDG says that the price for the -900 variant should fall somewhere between the 600 and the 700/800, which cost $34.99 and $69.99, respectively. Exact pricing will be unveiled upon the release, but it’s a given that the package will include both the 737-900 and 737-900ER with blended winglets and split scimitar winglets.

The above video from 737NG Driver should provide a nice overview of this particular aircraft and its differences from the shorter variants. 737NG Driver is a 737 pilot in the real world and a member of PMDG’s tech team, so he has in-depth knowledge of the airplane’s real capabilities and how the virtual version in MSFS compares to it!

Unfortunately, the 737-900 will still not launch with the long-awaited PMDG Universal Flight Tablet. The team continues to struggle a bit with that particular feature and doesn’t have a release plan for the tablet just yet. Expect to learn about new development on that front soon!

Finally, it’s time to start thinking about what is coming next for MSFS from PMDG… and that’s most likely to be the 777! The team has been working in the background on that product, but Robert Randazzo continues to refrain from sharing anything meaningful. However, that may change soon… so stay tuned!