Seafront Simulations releases Vessels Madeira for MSFS

Madeira’s world-famous and notoriously challenging airport is a feast for the skills and the eyes of any pilot, offering a stunning approach to its runway with the beautiful Pearl of the Atlantic as a backdrop… and strong winds that question the island’s desire to welcome any visitors. If you find yourself looking for a way to enhance this scenery even further, the latest scenery add-on from Seafront Simulations may be just what you need: Vessels Madeira, out now for MSFS, adds more than 150 moving boats of various sizes all around the archipelago, besides many more stationed in the ports and marinas.

Seafront Simulations continues dedicated to the task of filling the world in MSFS with boats, turning flying near bodies of water much more interesting and realistic. The team has launched several packages already and shows no sign of slowing down. After all, with the whole world to cover, they can continue to do this for years!

Seafront Simulations Vessels Madeira MSFS 7

Seafront Simulations Vessels Madeira MSFS 6

Seafront Simulations Vessels Madeira MSFS 5

Seafront Simulations Vessels Madeira MSFS 4

Seafront Simulations Vessels Madeira MSFS 2

Seafront Simulations Vessels Madeira MSFS 1

Madeira (and the nearby island of Porto Santo) is located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 300 miles off the coast of Morocco. The island has been considered one of the best island destinations for many consecutive years, drawing thousands of tourists to this colorful patch of land. Cruise ships are a common sight at the port of Funchal, especially during the summer and during the New Year celebrations. Besides, many small leisure ships and fishing boats can be seen at all times around the island.

It’s this ambiance that Seafront Simulations is looking to replicate with its latest release. With dozens of highly detailed boats, with several landable moving ships, simmers can enjoy a more lively coastal scenery near Madeira and even practice helicopter operations.

Vessels Madeira is now available through Orbx Direct, priced at just around €8,00.

Main Features:

  • PBR models
  • Over 150 boats travelling around the coast
  • Navigation and Night lighting
  • Wake and Smoke VFX
  • Several landable, moving ships!

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