Aeroplane Heaven to bring the North American Sabreliner to MSFS

Aeroplane Heaven may have been quite busy releasing the Supermarine Spitfire Mk1A and the Lockheed Electra 10-A, both released just a few weeks ago for MSFS, but the team is not resting on their laurels. Besides the DC-3, which we know has been in the works for some time, Aeroplane Heaven has now inconspicuously revealed that they have another airplane in the pipeline for MSFS: the North American Sabreliner!

This announcement came as a footnote on a Facebook post about an update to Aeroplane Heaven’s version of the Sabreliner for P3D. So, nothing fancy, no images whatsoever or any kind of additional information, just that “the Sabreliner WILL be coming to MSFS“. The images that you see on this post are all from the P3D version of the aircraft.

The Sabreliner is sort of an aviation legend, from a time when the race to develop the fastest and most advanced jet aircraft was in full force in the US. It earned its name due to design similarities with the T-86 Sabre jet fighter, particularly concerning the wings and tail.

Aeroplane Heaven Sabreliner P3D MSFS 5 e1635706463867

Aeroplane Heaven Sabreliner P3D MSFS 1

The existing P3D Sabreliner from Aeroplane Heaven isn’t exactly the most praised add-on in the world, with some complaints about its lack of character. Still, Aeroplane Heaven seems to be playing on a higher league in MSFS, as both the Spitfire and the Electra have been well received by most simmers.

Personally, I would be most curious to finally see their DC-3 see the light of day. But hey, a new business jet for MSFS? We need more of those indeed! As usual, stay tuned for further news about the AH Sabreliner for MSFS. Hopefully, we should soon hear more details about it.