The MG Hondajet for MSFS is coming along nicely, beta testing starting soon

Remember the MG Hondajet, the promising project to bring this light business jet to Microsoft Flight Simulator? We first heard about it this past summer, where the first images of a very impressive 3D model started circulating, prompting the developer to quickly come out with details for his plans to bring this aircraft to MSFS. Now, a few months later and after a lack of development updates through the project’s Discord channel, Marwan Gharib shares an extensive list of the features that are being implemented in this add-on, as well as a host of stunning new images.

The developer reveals that the scope of the project has grown somewhat since its unveiling, which has led to new challenges that need to be tackled. What was initially a passion project from a lone developer has now become a highly-anticipated aircraft amongst business jets fans, so naturally the expectations have gone up. Thankfully, Marwan has received a lot of support from the community and from those helping with alpha testing the initial versions of the Hondajet.

At this point, the developer is wrapping up some things around the aircraft, looking to stabilize development and move ahead with sound design and a beta testing phase, an all-important first step before an eventual release to the general public.

Hondajet MSFS flight simulator 1

Hondajet MSFS flight simulator 8

So far, many interesting features have been implemented across the aircraft, from visuals to systems’ coding and functionality. These include, among many other things, a lavatory (the most important thing in the world), icing effects (looks good), Honda’s unique automated external lights (convenient), or the custom and automated pressurization system that drops masks in case of failure (life-saving!). As you can imagine, it’s a comprehensive package, fully detailed below:

Aircraft systems and functionality:

  • Custom touch screen controller (TSC), to manipulate system synoptics display, aircraft lighting system, HVAC system, amongst controlling in-sim functions like exits.
  • Custom electrical system with related cockpit buttons and system synoptics that reacts appropriately to different load scenarios such as requirement for load shedding, bus separation etc.
  • Custom automated fuel system with related cockpit button and system synoptics that reacts automatically to fuel imbalances and switches the source tanks in correct sequences as per the real counterpart.
  • Custom coded HVAC logic with related button and system synoptic displays, Specifically used thermodynamics equations to model valve actuations, fan speeds , and background automated activities to reach user input target temperature set point.
  • Custom automated hydraulic system.
  • Custom and automated anti ice system with visual icing. If in auto mode, the aircraft will automatically turn on anti icing for the needed surfaces.
  • Custom and automated pressurization system, comes complete with automatic oxygen drop mask deployment in case of pressurization failure (or manual of course).
  • Custom PFD faithful to the HondaJet version.
  • Custom PFD Crew alert system (CAS) with over 100 unique messages as per the AFM.
  • Custom engines display on the MFD faithful to the Hondajet Version.
  • Custom fire fighting panel with related annunciations and CAS messages.
  • Unique autopilot functionalities like Honda’s unique CSC system (cruise speed control).
  • Honda’s unique automated external lighting system, the aircraft will automatically switch lights on and off according to the situation, Taxing on the ground? Will automatically turn on the taxi lights, In take off run? Will turn on the landing lights for you..etc . comes complete with a faithful TCS interface to choose between auto modes or manual modes.
  • Controllable and dimmable internal lighting system through the TSC.
Hondajet MSFS flight simulator 10

Hondajet MSFS flight simulator 9

Hondajet MSFS flight simulator 7

Hondajet MSFS flight simulator 6

Hondajet MSFS flight simulator 5

Hondajet MSFS flight simulator 4

3D modeling unique features:

  • Custom ground power unit and ground power delivery system.
  • Operable doors: Main door, front and rear cargo doors, Electrical power door.
  • In cabin details like movable sun visors, Dropable oxygen masks, operable Lavatory door, and some hidden easter eggs.
  • Lavatory, best thing ever, no further exclamation needed here.
  • Visual icing build up as per icing conditions and anti icing system. In addition to the 100s of animations you’d expect for all control surfaces, flaps, clamshell speed brakes, gear animations, gear doors animations etc. modeled after real world references.

You may remember that this project was initially expected to be freeware, apparently to avoid any legal problems with Honda, which is known to not like this kind of freewill recreation of its products. That’s a little less clear now, and it’s likely to be made available at a cost once it’s ready. No complaints really, if it turns out to be as good as it’s promising. Until we know for sure, check this new batch of great images, featuring both the exterior and the interior of the aircraft.

The HondaJet is one of many aircraft currently in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We maintain a regularly updated list with all these projects (that we know of). Take a look!

Hondajet MSFS flight simulator 3