(New images!) Looking for a new business jet in MSFS? There’s a very good-looking HondaJet currently in development

Update, July 11 – Following the unexpected visibility over the last few days, the Hondajet developer has now shed some more light on his project. There are a bunch of great new images showing the very detailed exterior and interior model (see below) and a brand new Discord server for the project! While still a work in progress, it’s indeed a very impressive bird!

Business jets are rare in Flight Simulator. In fact, besides the default choices, there’s nothing out there worth mentioning. The Working Title CJ4 is a brilliant modification of the default aircraft, so good that simmers haven’t exactly been publicly craving for a new third-party small jet, but it’s always nice to have some options. And a new option seems to be emerging from the depths: the HondaJet is currently under development for MSFS, and it’s looking very nice indeed!

The HondaJet belongs to the very light jet category, being a direct competitor to the Embraer Phenom 100 and the Cessna Citation M2. It features a couple of unusually mounted engines above the wings and Garmin G3000 avionics. This latest detail is the most relevant here, because it leads us to the discovery of this very promising project for MSFS.

As you certainly know, Working Title is also working in ongoing improvements to the default G3000 package with a very popular mod that greatly enhances the capabilities of this Garmin avionics package. The G3000 is used on the TBM 930 and the Cessna Longitude, and can obviously be integrated into other aircraft. Because of this, the developer of the HondaJet started sharing some of his work on the Working Title Discord channel, which was further shared on the official Flight Simulator Forums. The result: development is confirmed, and it will likely be freeware!

Hondajet MSFS 4

Hondajet MSFS 2

Hondajet MSFS 1

Hondajet MSFS 1 1

Hondajet MSFS 2 1

Hondajet MSFS 3 1

Hondajet MSFS 4 1

Hondajet MSFS 5

Hondajet MSFS 6

Hondajet MSFS 7

Hondajet MSFS 8

Hondajet MSFS 10

Hondajet MSFS 11

Hondajet MSFS 12

Hondajet MSFS 13

You see, apparently Honda is not very fond of licensing its name and products for virtual use, so the developer is thinking about releasing his creation free of charge in order to avoid a big-corp hammer coming down on him.

The few images that are available right now look rather impressive. Both the interior and the exterior models look great! The cockpit, as expected, features 3 large glass displays where the G3000 system is operated. The developer is hoping to deliver a product that fulfills three main requirements: it looks good, it flies as expected, and it’s complex enough to please most pilots.

This is still a very fresh discovery, so there aren’t many additional details at this point. The aforementioned thread on the MSFS Forum is a good start to get updates on the development, but you can also keep coming back to hear about it from us. A new light business jet is something we are very much looking forward too, so expect us to keep a close eye on the HondaJet’s development!