Skyline Simulations releases Long Beach Airport (KLGB) for MSFS

California gets a new detailed airport for your adventures in Flight Simulator. Long Beach Airport (KLGB) is now available for MSFS, brought to you by Skyline Simulations.

KLGB is a public service airport to the north of Long Beach, serving the Greater Los Angeles region. The proximity with KLAX turns Long Beach Airport into a destination for domestic passengers and cargo, as well as military and GA flights. Some major airlines operating here include Southwest Airlines, American Eagle and Delta, among others.

In this recreation of Long Beach Airport, Skyline Simulations used very detailed 3d buildings and high-resolution textures to build an accurate and up-to-date virtual version of KLGB. The airport features an animated radar, thousands of custom objects scattered around the scenery and ground traffic, among many other features.

Long Beach Airport is now available from SkySimulations website and SimMarket.


  • Designed with the latest airport updates
  • UHD Custom Textures using the latest painting techniques
  • Super Detailed 3D modeling
  • PBR Materials on every building
  • FSEco-subsystem
  • Animated Radar
  • Detailed HD Ground with PBR and decals
  • Custom 3D vegetations blends with orthophotos
  • HD-resolution orthoimagery for the airport and surroundings
  • Ultra-High-resolution custom orthoimagery for the airport
  • Thousands of 3D custom static objects
  • Accurate Island and Cities using original OSM data
  • High resolution Buildings, industrial area and buildings of interest like Walter Pyramid
  • Amazing and detailed island NightTextures
  • Ground Traffic