The F-16 Fighting Falcon is coming to Flight Simulator this fall

SC Designs is working to bring the legendary F-16 to MSFS. A sister development studio to DC Designs, SC Designs already gave us a nice recreation of Blackbushe Airport for MSFS, and is now working on its first airplane for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, aiming for a release later this year.

SC Designs is working on this project with help of DC Designs, a now established developer who already launched the F-15 Eagle and the Stearman, and is also looking to launch the F-14 Tomcat very soon. Obviously, there’s some knowledge on military airplanes being shared between the two developers, so much so that SC Designs is looking to create the F-16C in a similar fashion to what its sister studio has been doing with its releases.

That said, the F-16C is being developed in the same style as DC Designs’ offerings, featuring a balanced level of characteristics that hope to provide a pleasant experience to most virtual pilots. So, system depth will be “fairly high”, together with good-quality 3D models and textures.

F 16 MSFS Flight Simulator 1

F 16 MSFS Flight Simulator 7

F 16 MSFS Flight Simulator 6

F 16 MSFS Flight Simulator 5

F 16 MSFS Flight Simulator 4

F 16 MSFS Flight Simulator 2

The SC Designs team is sensitive to expectations from MSFS pilots at this point, so the goal is to also incorporate failures into this package, as well as the aerodynamic accuracy that people are looking for. Again, this should be as detailed as the F-14 Tomcat is going to be, although that one hasn’t been released yet, so it’s hard to grasp an idea of what to expect.

Right now, SC Designs is finishing off the aesthetics of the aircraft, moving on with functionality and gauges next. The project is still on track to complete sometime in the fall, and will also include the F-16D variant of the aircraft, a two-seat configuration that will have the rear set modeled to the same standard as the front one, but with reduced functionality.

You may remember that an F-16 was briefly available for MSFS some time ago. At the time, it was a lackluster product that faced some legal problems, which led to its disappearance. Now, SC Designs will finally bring this legendary fighter to MSFS. Naturally, don’t expect to wage on any dogfights with it, but seeing the elegance of this bird in the stunning world of Flight Simulator will certainly be worth it!

F 16 MSFS Flight Simulator 8