FS2Crew releases RAAS Professional for MSFS, brings increased situational awareness for pilots

FS2Crew has a brand new product for MSFS to kickstart the new year. RAAS Professional, the Runway Awareness and Advisory System used by real-world pilots to reduce the risk of wrong runway usage, is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

FS2Crew’s RAAS mimics the real system developed by Honeywell, which is used by airlines around the world to improve pilots’ situational awareness and help prevent incursions in unintended runways. The system works by issuing audio calls indicating what runway pilots are entering during taxi, takeoff, final approaches, and landings.

FS2Crew hopes to provide simmers with another tool to increase the levels of realism and immersion in Microsoft Flight Simulator. RAAS is mostly used by large passenger aircraft in the real world, but it’s available for any aircraft in your MSFS hangar. Enjoy accurate runway callouts that will help you navigate in large airports or warnings for situations such as long landings.

RAAS Professional for MSFS is controllable from the in-game toolbar, and FS2Crew says the tool is highly customizable so you can tailor the experience to your preference, with the ability to create unique profiles for each specific aircraft.

FS2Crew: RAAS Professional is now available for MSFS directly from the developer’s website, currently priced at €19.99 and apparently at a promotional launch price, 50% off from a €39.99 base price. Other third-party stores should also start selling this new add-on very soon.