Watch this first-look preview of the upcoming Cessna Citation Mustang, coming to MSFS later this year

Cockspur announced the development of a new business jet for MSFS a couple of months ago, the team’s unnatural successor to the SG 38 Schulgleiter: the Cessna Citation Mustang! The two machines couldn’t be farther apart, but the Mustang will surely have a much broader appeal… and it’s coming in just a few months!

People were naturally excited when we first spotted this plane back in May. After all, business jets are still rare in MSFS, with just a few notable airplanes available: the very good HJET and the modded CJ4. Cockspur is now in the final stages of development of their Citation Mustang, and we just got an exciting first look into this aircraft, courtesy of our friend twotonemurphy!

Murphy got an exclusive first look into the Mustang, freely showcasing the airplane from all external and internal angles and even taking it for a short flight. In the video, which you can watch below, we get a clear look into the current state of this project which, despite still being very much a work in progress, is starting to show great promise on several fronts!

For starters, the Cockspur Mustang looks great! The external 3D model looks spot on and is already well-textured. The same applies to the cockpit and even the cabin, where passengers can enjoy the luxury of this exclusive High Sierra Edition of the Mustang.

When the developers announced this project, they were contacted by actual pilots of the real-world aircraft, who offered their help with reference materials such as the POH, flight profile, and even some quirks of the airplane. With that data, Cockspur aims to create a fairly authentic version of the Mustang for MSFS, powered by the G1000 avionics, which, following Sim Update 10, will default to the brilliant Working Title implementation.

An already impressive aspect of this aircraft is the custom sound set, particularly the engine sounds, which are already quite impressive at this early stage. There’s still work to be done here, but this stream provides a nice preview of the great sounds Cockspur is mixing for the package.

cockspur cessna citation mustang g1000 msfs

We’ve also learned that the Mustang will come with some sort of EFB, enabling additional levels of interaction with the aircraft and possibly even some further functionality. This may come at a later stage, though…

So, when is this aircraft coming out for Microsoft Flight Simulator? Well, Cockspur is decidedly confident that simmers will be flying the Mustang before this Christmas! The team is loosely aiming for a release in October, but keep that date only as a reference.

But wait, there’s more! The aircraft is indeed promising and a release is not too far off, so what other great news does Cockpur have for us? Well, the Mustang will be available in the MSFS Marketplace for both PC and Xbox, which is especially great for console simmers, who seem to be in luck when it comes to business jets (The HJET is also available there, and it’s simply fantastic!). And in terms of pricing, it will also be a sweet deal: just 24.99€!

As you can see, Cockspur seems to be on to something with this new aircraft. It’s all looking like another great choice to take to the skies in MSFS. Make sure to watch the exclusive preview by twotonemurphy and stay tuned for further news and previews over the coming weeks!