Carenado clears last hurdles with the C337 Skymaster, releasing very soon in the MSFS Marketplace

Carenado may be taking longer than usual to release its newest airplane for MSFS, but it appears that the major hurdles the team was facing are now left behind. In the latest update, Carenado reveals that the C337 Skymaster will be out very soon in the MSFS Marketplace!

Carenado unveiled its Cessna 337 for MSFS in August, for the delight of countless simmers who have fond memories of this aircraft in FSX. Since then, the team shared some striking images of the aircraft, completely updated for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, a perfect testament to Carenado’s modeling prowess that completely shines in MSFS.

The team was apparently was caught off guard with Sim Update 7, which introduced some changes that made life difficult for many developers. Fortunately, it seems those problems are now left behind, with Carenado saying that they have “finished fixing all the pending details after the SU7“, also revealing that this was no easy task.

Carenado Cessna C337 Skymaster MSFS 10

Carenado Cessna C337 Skymaster MSFS 9

Carenado Cessna C337 Skymaster MSFS 4

The good news is that Carenado is now promising the impending launch of the C337 Skymaster on the MSFS Marketplace, as has been the case with every other Carenado release for MSFS. This is now a growing collection that includes the C170B, C182, Arrow III, Seneca V, Seminole, Mooney, and the Waco YMF-5.

With this last update, Carenado also shared a new set of preview images of the C337, once again showing the beautiful interior and exterior model that awaits so many simmers after it’s finally out. We predict this one will be very popular: a twin-engined Cessna with one of the most interesting configurations around? Sold!