The AzurPoly C-160 Transall is out now for MSFS on PC and Xbox!

As promised last week, the C-160 Transall from AzurPoly is now finally available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The very promising European military transport aircraft is out now exclusively in the Marketplace, priced at $32.99 for both the PC and Xbox versions of the simulator.

The project’s focus is on the C-160 R version, operated exclusively by the French Air Force. This modern variant boasts upgraded avionics with EFIS screens, flight refueling capabilities, a refueling probe above the aircraft’s nose, and additional fuel tanks.

While each Transall version has numerous specificities and different systems, developing every version for each army was not feasible for AzurPoly. Therefore, the exterior model has been adapted for each livery (with refueling probe removal), but the aircraft’s interior and systems remain the same for all liveries.

AzurPoly C 160 Transall release MSFS 4

AzurPoly C 160 Transall release MSFS 5

AzurPoly C 160 Transall release MSFS 1

AzurPoly admits that this initial “1.0” release comes with some limitations, but the team is dedicated to refining the aircraft’s capabilities through future updates. Their ultimate goal is to develop a study-level add-on with full VFR and IFR capabilities.

The known limitations of the 1.0 version include:

  • Flight Management System (FMS) and EFIS screens (EADI and EHSI) allow for basic IFR with VOR/ILS/ADF/TACAN usage, but flight plans cannot be entered and displayed on the screens yet.
  • Weather radar can be powered on but does not display any information, as AzurPoly awaits MSFS updates to improve weather radar functionality for developers.
  • Fuel lines network is fully replicated; however, work remains on the complex fuel transfer mechanism to support fuel dump.
  • Hydraulic failures are not yet managed for the five separate circuits.
  • Items can be loaded in the cargo bay, but in-flight dropping is still being explored for technical implementation.

Despite these current shortcomings, which the developer will surely tackle with subsequent updates, early impressions from users are very positive. The C-160 looks excellent inside and out, features some very nice sounds and cool features such as the opening cargo bay and functional flares, and appears to fly very realistically!

This is definitely a very cool new aircraft for MSFS that nicely fills a gap in the military transport aircraft category. The C-160 is out now in the Marketplace!


  • Higly optimized 3D model and texture package for more FPS.
  • Fully modeled cockpit and cargo bay.
  • 11 liveries including military and civil operators (scroll for exhaustive list below).
  • 8k resolution textures.
  • Extensive use of detail maps for a good up close rendering.
  • High quality sounds using Wwise environment.
  • Functional exits including cargo ramp, doors and windows, with dynamic sound variations.
  • Fully animated cockpit, including all switches, buttons, etc.
  • All gauges working and based on thousands of custom code lines.
  • Sophisticated interior and exterior lighting with lots of settings available.
  • Custom effects including decoy flares, propeller vortices, propeller dust, etc.
  • Bespoke electronic flight instrument system with EADI and EHSI screens.
  • Custom flight management system (FMS).
  • Realistic electrical and hydraulic systems.
  • Fuel system fully replicated.
  • Operational autopilot panel.
  • Cargo and payload management with several available objects (armored vehicles, pallets, etc).
  • Custom EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) to manage numerous aircraft settings.
  • Interactive checklists with copilot actions.
  • Comprehensive flight manual available here.
  • Paintkit available here.