Just Flight’s 146 Professional to be the most expensive airplane yet for MSFS, coming in late April

Just Flight has let the cat out of the bag when it comes to the 146 Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We’ve started to see plenty of detailed previews from content creators, but also videos from Just Flight itself, introducing some of the aircraft’s features and capabilities.

Just Flight plans to release several videos ahead of the launch of the 146 for MSFS, which is currently planned for the end of April. Last week we got the first of these videos, an audio showcase of the product, covering the most important sounds that simmers will hear throughout their experience with the aircraft.

This video, which you can see below, previews a wide variety of highly accurate sounds, all custom-recorded by the Just Flight team specifically for this project. After the very impressive soundscape that came packed with the Hawk T1/A, it’s clear that Just Flight gives great importance to the immersion provided by a great sound set, and it seems this will also be a key selling point in the 146.

Following this first video dedicated to sounds, Just Flight released a second new video, already this week, that serves as a broad introduction to the airplane. In this case, the team shows the shortest variant of the aircraft, under the Jersey European livery.

As we’ve seen before, the Just Flight 146 looks very impressive, especially outside, where modeling and texturing are absolutely stunning. There’s a good variety of liveries that will be included, more than 35 in total, covering both past and present operators of the aircraft.

The 146 Professional will also come with 8 included variants, an assortment of short/long versions along with some cargo and military variants. The list will be as follows:

  • 146-100
  • 146-200
  • 146-300
  • 146-200 QC & QT (cargo)
  • 146-300 QT (cargo)
  • CC.Mk2 (RAF VIP configuration with countermeasure pods)
  • C.Mk3 (RAF cargo configuration with countermeasure pods)

Watch the introductory video above to learn more details about the Just Flight 146 Professional for MSFS, a highly-detailed airplane that will surely be a source of joy for airliner pilots looking for something new to fly on. Pricing has already been set, and it’s not exactly cheap… £59.99/€74.95/$79.99 for the full package, with all 8 variants included. Existing owners of the P3D or X-Plane version are eligible for a 20% discount.

If memory serves right, this is the most expensive airplane yet for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Do you think this is fair pricing for what’s being offered by Just Flight? Or new strategies, such as the one used by Wing42 with its Boeing 247D, should become the norm in Microsoft Flight Simulator? Share your opinion in the comments below!