MK-Studios releases Philadelphia International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

MK-Studios is out with a new airport, this time located in the East Coats of the United States. Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL) was released today and brings a new level of realism to the suddenly popular airport in the platform, which is quickly going from no third-party renditions to two in a week (FlightSim Studio released their last week). Besides, DominicDesignTeam is also working on this scenery, so we’ll soo have three interpretations of this airport in MSFS!

Anyway, back to MK-Studios’ release. The developers looked to capture the essence of the bustling airport with impressive graphics and true-to-life details. Over 30 airlines operate at PHL, offering a vast selection of routes to major cities across North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. As a hub for American Airlines and a focus city for Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines, KPHL provides countless domestic and international destinations for virtual pilots to explore.

This airport features four runways, including the longest runway on the East Coast. The scenery surrounding the airport is also quite impressive breathtaking, with the iconic Philadelphia skyline and the picturesque Delaware River in the backdrop.

KPHL Philadelphia Airport MSFS 9

KPHL Philadelphia Airport MSFS 8

KPHL Philadelphia Airport MSFS 7

KPHL Philadelphia Airport MSFS 6

KPHL Philadelphia Airport MSFS 5

KPHL Philadelphia Airport MSFS 4

KPHL Philadelphia Airport MSFS 2

KPHL Philadelphia Airport MSFS 1

Key features of KPHL by MK-Studios include a high-fidelity rendition of the airport, built from the ground up, optimized texturing throughout all buildings and structures, modeled main terminal interiors, and custom ground service equipment vehicles. This scenery also incorporates landside buildings and significant points of interest near the airport. Compatibility with most aircraft AI mods ensures a realistic and busy activity in the airport, while the developers promise that their optimizations for MSFS performance guidelines guarantee a smooth experience for both PC and Xbox users.

KPHL Philadelphia International Airport is a must-have for simmers looking to expand their virtual horizons and experience the City of Brotherly Love from the skies. It’s available now from Contrail, priced at around $19.00.

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