AeroSachs releases the Tecnam P92 Echo Classic for MSFS

The Italian Tecnam P92 has been a successful and well-appreciated ultralight aircraft since it was introduced nearly thirty years ago. It’s an elegant, safe, and easy-to-fly aircraft that has generated fond memories in thousands of pilots around the world who learned how to fly in the P92.

After having previously featured the only available Tecnam P92 for MSFS back in October, today we’re sharing with you the news about a new release of that same aircraft, now with a price tag attached. Eraldo Sammuri, who developed the freeware P92 with the 80hp Rotax engine, has now launched a new version of the P92 that includes numerous improvements over the freeware model, along with a new 100hp Rotax 912ULS engine.

Eraldo, also known as erasam, is the developer of this airplane, but the publisher is AeroSachs, an Italian virtual aeroclub dedicated to general aviation. The Tecnam P92 has been especially popular in Italy, its home country, so AeroSachs and erasam are trying to fill this gap in the aircraft market in MSFS, catering to virtual fliers who are familiar with the airplane or those looking to fly a new aircraft in the MLA category.

AeroSachs Tecnam P92 Echo MSFS 4

AeroSachs Tecnam P92 Echo MSFS 2

When we looked into the freeware P92 a few months ago, we found a decent rendition of the airplane that showed potential to become an important contender in the light airplane category in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Erasam has been working on multiple refinements to the product and a decision has been made to make a payware version. At €20 + tax, can it compete against similar offerings in the market?

At first glance, the price may be a little steep for what’s still a decidedly an averagely-detailed model. This was an area that could be somewhat overlooked when it was free, but now, costing more than 20€ in this new version, and despite numerous improvements, this new version of the P92 Echo won’t impress in the looks department. But maybe it will seduce you with its docile handling and all-around visibility!

AeroSachs Tecnam P92 Echo MSFS 1

The good news is that the developer seems keen to continue to improve the product and has already pushed an update since the original release a week ago. Version 1.1.0 has fixed some visual inconsistencies and improved a few other areas in the aircraft, which is a promising sign for the future of this project.

The Tecnam P92 Echo Classic 100hp is out now at Simmarket, priced at €19.99 + tax.