Burning Blue Design returns to Martha’s Vineyard with two new airfields for MSFS

It wouldn’t be a normal month in the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator if Burning Blue Design didn’t have anything new to show in terms of airports. Well, the trend continues this January not only with one but with two new releases from the prolific developers, who start the new year with a return to the United States, precisely one year after first bringing us a detailed rendition of Martha’s Vineyard Airport.

The popular island on the US East Coast is once again welcoming Burning Blue Design into its premises. The team has dedicated new working hours to render two other airfields on the island for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Katama Airpark and Trade Wind Airfield. The latter is available without paying a dime!

Let’s start with Katama Airpark, which falls within the usual spectrum of BBD’s releases, but this time in the United States. This is a laidback airfield with a selection of grass runways, located on the Southern coast of the island. It was established almost 100 years ago and remains to this day an active airfield that serves both private pilots and the community nearby.

Katama Airpark MSFS 0005

Katama Airpark MSFS 0004

Katama Airpark MSFS 0003

Katama Airpark MSFS 0002

Katama Airpark MSFS 0001

Burning Blue Design is now inviting MSFS simmers to further explore Martha’s Vineyard with this new airport, which is just a short hop from the island’s main airport. The developers say this scenery has been recreated following hundreds of hours of work and with the aid of on-site visits, which allowed the team to render this location with great levels of detail and accuracy.

In this upgraded version of Katama Airpark you’ll find thousands of hand-placed assets, which ensure a great deal of realism throughout the scenery. Besides, BBD overhauled the ground textures with improved color and resolution, along with many other notable features.

Katama Airpark is now available from Burning Blue Design’s website, priced at £10.95.

Trade Wind Airfield – a cute little freebie!

Burning Blue Design is being especially generous this month and offers a detailed new scenery completely free of charge for MSFS users. We’re talking about Trade Wind Airfield, also located in Martha’s Vineyard, which makes for a rather lovely collection of very closely-located airfields from Burning Blue Design.

Trade Wind MSFS 0001

Trade Wind MSFS 0002

Trade Wind MSFS 0003

Trade Wind MSFS 0004

Trade Wind Airfield is smaller than Katama Airpark, but offers much of the same charm. A quaint atmosphere where small airplanes may come and go – upon duly request – and enjoy the sights of this beautiful island. The two grass runways can accommodate a typical single-engined piston airplane, but the trees on both ends may pose a challenge if you’re not careful.

Trade Wind is a simpler location that doesn’t require as much attention as the other nearby airfields. Still, Burning Blue Design says this scenery was also created with similar high-quality standards, which include many hand-placed objects, detailed hangars, corrected ground textures, realistic static airplanes, and more.

Trade Wind Airfield is also available through Burning Blue Design’s website, but you’ll find no price tag attached to this little airfield. Download is free, as long as you register for an account!