Featured Freeware: Tecnam P92 Echo, an alternative to the C152

What would you say about flying something that fills very much the same role as the Cessna 152, but it’s not a C152? Well, look no further than the Tecnam P92 Echo, an Italian high-wing light aircraft that has been the first introduction to flying for many in the real world and is now available for MSFS in a pretty decent freeware model!

The Tecnam P92 may not be as ubiquitous as the C152, but it’s a very similar aircraft in most regards and a beloved machine by those who have flown it. Easy to fly, reliable, and affordable, it’s a compelling trainer aircraft and a great alternative to Cessna’s super-popular 152.

If you have some familiarity with the P92 or would like to try a new airplane in MSFS, today we’re introducing you to a freeware project that has brought the Tecnam P92 Echo to the simulator. The developer, erasam, got permission to bring a former X-Plane 3d model of the aircraft to MSFS and worked on it to make something that should be a nice intermediate airplane until a proper payware P92 gets done.

Tecnam P92 msfs freeware 2

Tecnam P92 msfs freeware 1

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Tecnam P92 msfs freeware 3

This freeware P92 features a fairly decent exterior model and a fully animated 3D cockpit. Texturing is average in some areas, but the gauges are clear and easy to read. A welcome addition in a recent update was support for the GTN 750, which gives some serious avionics capabilities to this little aircraft, including autopilot. By default, the P92 uses the Aera 510 GPS.

In flight, the P92 exhibits the same docile characteristics as its real-world counterpart. It’s light and stable, despite its low weight. Power is provided by a Rotax 912UL engine, which produces 81hp. It’s not much, but it’s enough to propel it to more than 120 knots at sea level.

Overall, this freeware Tecnam P92 is a cool little airplane that, while not up to the high visual standards set by the default airplanes, offers fans of the P92 the chance to fly a fairly realistic implementation of the aircraft in MSFS.

The Tecnam P92 Echo is now available for free through flightsim.to