Here are the last Concorde previews before the release next week

DC Designs is right on the verge of releasing its highly anticipated Concorde for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is currently scheduled to hit the Just Flight store on March 30 (a Marketplace release is expected a few weeks ahead). To whet your appetite, here’s a selection of the early previews that are already available for the aircraft, which should come in handy to help you make the decision whether this will be worthy of your money or not.

We’re starting off with the first full preview video of the Concorde in MSFS, courtesy of
on Youtube, who has early access to the airplane. In this video, which you can watch below, we are presented with plenty of up-close views of the interior and exterior model, the huge amount of instruments, the FMC, and more.

The key takeaway from this first preview is that the Concorde stays faithful to DC Designs’ product philosophy. It’s not the prettiest MSFS model in the world, nor the most realistic in terms of systems fidelity. Still, it should provide a fun experience to casual fans of this legendary airliner, which is capable of reaching Mach 2 speeds at 60.000 feet, and is very functional in this rendition for MSFS, with working afterburners, droop nose, a detailed fuel system, and more.

Note that the preview video above features a WIP build that is still seeing some improvements and new features being added. One crucial aspect that is missing is the actual sound set that will be included with the Concorde. DC Designs is still implementing the Sim Acoustics sounds that will eventually make it into the final product, ahead of the release in just a few days. To hear the actual sounds that will come with the package, see the preview video below, featuring a much more realistic and actually rather impressive soundtrack of those massive Olympus engines.

Finally, DC Designs also shared the last preview images of Concorde, taken as the developer puts the final touches in the product, improving the manual, night lighting, interactive points, fixing some bugs reported by the testing team, and more.

All the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together and we will soon be able to get our hands on this fantastic bird. The DC Designs Concorde will come on March 30th, priced at £27.99/€34.95/$39.99, initially available exclusively for PC through Just Flight. A Marketplace release is expected to happen in the near future, which will bring the Concorde to Xbox simmers as well, but we’ll have to be a bit patient as Marketplace releases often take some weeks to be available. Don’t forget to check our weekly Marketplace updates every Friday to learn once the Concorde finally becomes available there.

For now, enjoy these final previews of the Concorde, and make sure to check our previous coverage on this project to learn all about this exciting new airliner that will soon land in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

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