UK2000 turns to the US, releases KSNA John Wayne Airport for MSFS

UK2000 has been known for making UK airports for various flight simulation platforms, including MSFS, where we can find Cardiff and Jersey Airports, the Isle of Man, among others. Now, the developer has decided to travel across the pond, releasing its first US airport, KSNA John Wayne, which is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

UK2000’s decision to turn to the United States has both emotional and and business causes. The developer is getting “bored” with UK airports, and there are also plenty of developers out there covering this territory, so it was decided to focus now on a much bigger country, with countless other possibilities to create new airports that may have not been covered by anyone else before.

John Wayne Airport, in Orange Country, California, is definitely a great place to start. It’s a busy secondary airport, the second in the Greater Los Angeles in terms of traffic, with all the major airlines operating to and from the airport.

KSNA John Wayne Airport MSFS 10

KSNA John Wayne Airport MSFS 9

KSNA John Wayne Airport MSFS 8

KSNA John Wayne Airport MSFS 6

KSNA John Wayne Airport MSFS 5

KSNA John Wayne Airport MSFS 4

KSNA John Wayne Airport MSFS 3

KSNA John Wayne Airport MSFS 2

KSNA John Wayne Airport MSFS 1

UK2000 is taking the opportunity to up the anthem in terms of quality, which is promised to have lept forward significantly with this new release thanks to better use of high-definition PBR materials and hand-made models and textures, while still aiming for overall efficiency and good performance.

KSNA is both a commercial and a general aviation airport, so UK2000 took the care to include a variety of static airplanes, which have now also new and updated models when compared to previous releases. A particularly nice touch is the inclusion of many open hangars, from where simmers can start their flights.

KSNA John Wayne Airport seems to be a great new addition to MSFS, an airport located in a very busy airspace that should provide plenty of sightseeing opportunities, but also a chance for pilots to test their skills navigating along California’s notorious busy skies.

UK2000’s KSNA John Wayne Airport is now available for MSFS, priced at just £14.99.

​Main features:​​

  • Full detail Buildings
  • Realistic Ground Markings
  • Hi Res ground image
  • Stunning Night Effects
  • High details Airport Vehicles
  • Excellent Frame Rates
  • Full set of signs
  • Fencing
  • GA Static Aircraft
  • Vegatation
  • PBR Materials
  • Animated ‘WigWags’
  • Animated Radar
  • Internal Tower details
  • Internal Pier details
  • Animates Jetways