The DC Designs Concorde is coming to MSFS on March 30th

The Concorde launch day for Microsoft Flight Simulator has finally been set. In just a little over two weeks, on March 30, 2022, MSFS simmers will be able to get their hands on the iconic supersonic jetliner!

DC Designs has been teasing the Concorde for some time, with weekly development updates that have slowly showed us how the project has evolved with time. These updates have materialized in a selection of images of the aircraft and even a video, which at the time raised the expectations for what to expect from this package in terms of sounds.

Now, on the latest update provided by DC Designs, we learned that the Concorde is now finally “fully functional”, with testing and documentation work planned for the following week. In the meantime, CorporatePilotDad on Youtube will have access to a preview copy of the aircraft, so expect the first detailed video of the Concorde to come out very soon. Then, on March 30, if no further issues arise, the Concorde will finally be available for purchase.

Dc Designs Concorde MSFS release 10.png

Dc Designs Concorde MSFS release 9.png

Dc Designs Concorde MSFS release 8.png

Dc Designs Concorde MSFS release 7.png

Dc Designs Concorde MSFS release 6

Dc Designs Concorde MSFS release 5

Dc Designs Concorde MSFS release 4

Dc Designs Concorde MSFS release 3

Dc Designs Concorde MSFS release 1

It’s unclear at this point if the Concorde will be out for PC and Xbox simmers at the same time, but that’s unlikely, even though the Xbox version has been confirmed. What we do know is the price, which is set at £27.99 / $39.99 / €34.95, with a slight discount available for existing owners of the P3D version.

Concorde will be DC Designs’ most complex aircraft to date, with the promise of a higher-than-usual simulation of the various systems and features of the airplane. The fuel, electric, and hydraulic systems have been simulated in depth to match the real aircraft setup, and we should expect a fully-functional autopilot and accurate flight model.

With the Concorde now in place for launch later this month, prepare your wallets and enjoy the latest images. For a detailed list of features and many additional shots, check the official in-development page on Just Flight’s website.