Watch and listen to the Concorde as it takes to the skies in MSFS in this first video

The DC Designs Concorde is steadily coming to life, as the developers look to meet an expected release timeline by the end of February. We’ve seen regular development updates that show the several improvements that are being made in this old FSX model, looking to bring it up to the higher standards demanded by today’s simmers in MSFS.

This rapid pace of development is starting to result in exciting new previews. After some of the best images that we’ve seen of the Concorde, from a couple of weeks ago, DC Designs has shared today the first video of the legendary aircraft, taking off from Heathrow Airport, as it did so many times for almost 30 years.

The developer notes that all that you can see and hear is still a work-in-progress. The highlight of this first video is surely the thundering roar that the Concorde emits as it rolls down the runway until it eventually rotates and climbs into the sky. It sounds fairly realistic but definitely very impressing, possibly a little less menacing than the real deal but, again, it’s all still being developed.

The video also shows two cool additional effects: condensation clouds over the Concorde’s delta wings, and the afterburners ablaze as it accelerates away from the runway. See the full video below, short but sweet, an evocative reminder of this beauty that once crossed traveled the world at immense speeds. Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the planned release date over the coming weeks!