‘Flight Recorder’ – a quick, easy and free way to record and replay your flights in MSFS

One of the main quibbles with MSFS has been the lack of a replay feature. While Asobo has confirmed that this will eventually be coming in a future update, there’s no clue about when that may come to light, so in the meantime we’re starting to see some third-party solutions.

Just last week we told you about FlightControlReplay, a handy application that was updated to support the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. It gives you the ability to record your flights and then replay them from whichever views you want. It can also record high-quality videos, an interesting bonus that some may find useful. But FlightControlReplay is a paid app, and many of you told us that it felt like paying for something that should be included in the sim.

Well, today we have an arguably even more interesting solution. It’s called ‘Flight Recorder‘, a simple and straightforward name that extends to the simplicity of the tool itself. It’s also completely free!

Flight Recorder is an external app, a small window with just a few options, in a simple idea that is perfectly executed. When you want to start recording your flight (for instance, when on final approach, to record that landing), just press ‘Record’ in the app. When you’re done, stop the recording, and will then have the option to view the replay.

It’s all very easy and extremely fun. During the replay, you can completely change your view, just as if you were flying. Want to see that landing through the passenger window? Check. Want to get an up-close view of that landing gear smoothly touching the runway? Check! And, if you want to go back and forward in your recording, just pause the replay and move the time indicator to wherever you want.

In our testing, Flight Recorder worked perfectly. There are some things to keep in mind at this stage, but the developer is working on improving and fixing currently known problems such as the aircraft teleporting to an unknown location when starting a replay, or some performance issues on very long recordings (+ 3h).

Overall, Flight Recorder is an easy recommendation. In fact, considering that it’s free and provides a much-requested feature for MSFS, it’s an absolute must-have, and one of the coolest add-ons we’ve seen yet.