iniBuilds launches major update to iniManager

Product Managers” have become an inevitability for simmers, as many major developers and publishers try to offer an easy way for users to purchase and manage their products while adding additional features.

Well-known publishers have this kind of all-in-one solution, such as Orbx with Orbx Central or Aerosoft with Aerosoft One. iniBuilds also adopted this idea late last year with the first release of iniManager. Today, iniBuilds released the biggest update yet to the app, bringing it to version 2 and adding some interesting new features!

The first thing users will notice is the complete redesign of the app, which should now be more intuitive and easy to use. It also looks much more aesthetically pleasing!

inibuilds inimanager version 2 1

inibuilds inimanager version 2 4

inibuilds inimanager version 2 3

Besides the new makeover, iniManager v2 also adds a handful of new features. First, users can now make their purchases directly from the app, with no need to visit the iniBuilds Store webpage. Just browse through the product library, purchase and install what you wish, and be done with it. Obviously, future updates are automatically managed by iniManager, so you’ll always have the latest version of all your products.

To help users get a new view over the products available in the store, iniManager now also includes a “World View” that, similarly to what we’ve seen in other similar products (and the MSFS Marketplace as well), gives users a world map with the location of each airport on sale through the store.

iniManager v2 now also comes with built-in livery installation capabilities. Simmers could already download a variety of freeware aircraft liveries from the iniBuilds Forum, but now this library is also available through iniManager.

This new version of iniManager is now available for all users. Download it here!

iniManager v2 new features:

  • A new way to discover sceneries, called “World view”, which allows you to see all of the airports available from the iniBuilds Store on a visual map.
  • In-app purchasing: Purchase and install your products in one place, removing the need to visit the iniBuilds Store in your web browser. You can now purchase all products directly through the iniManager.
  • MSFS liveries installation: You no longer need to visit the iniBuilds Forum to download liveries, the iniManager v2 now features MSFS livery installation directly into the Community folder.
  • Pilot support page: A lightweight tool that puts all of the necessary information needed for your flight at your fingertips, using native SimBrief integration. You can view your OFP, METARs, Flight maps, and ATIS information directly in the iniManager.
  • X-Plane 12 & Prepar3D compatibility: X-Plane 12 is now natively supported, along with Prepar3D (P3D products coming soon).
  • Numerous bugs fixes/improvements