A2A’s Comanche 250 for MSFS is finally in beta!

Well, it seems 2023 really is the year that will mark the debut of A2A Simulations in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The beloved development team, responsible for some of the best airplanes to ever grace flight simulation, is finally approaching the end of its work with the Accu-Sim Comanche 250. After announcing that the aircraft was days away from entering beta testing last month, A2A confirmed today that this stage is now in progress with a few select testers. And the early impressions couldn’t be more promising!

As usual, Scott Gentile took the official A2A forums to announce this important new stage in the Comanche 250’s development. The short statement comes with the acknowledgment that, while definitely a positive sign that things are going well, this beta process is expected to take some time to complete. So, don’t raise your hopes just yet for an imminent release!

The good thing is that the early impressions from testers are very positive! Scott shared one of these tidbits, which we reproduce below:

guenseli wrote:


Seriously guys, you teleported me into virtual reality directly into that Comanche!

The textures, the vibrations, the sound, this thing is alive!
The tablet is outstanding! These animations are incredible. It’s like having a virtual virtual engine in a virtual tablet. Crazy.

I’m really glad to have another A2A beta after these many … decades? (feels so!) Thank you!

However, I have to start from scratch to learn this engine.

Encouraging, to say the least! And we don’t expect less than that from A2A, whose arrival at MSFS may shake the industry of small airplanes and raise the level for everyone else.

A2A says that more details about this new Accu-Sim technology and its features will be revealed soon before the release. How long will it take? Time will tell… but that Comanche is getting closer!