Captain Sim releases 777-200 Base Pack for MSFS, basically everyone is disappointed

Captain Sim has just taught everyone a lesson on how to disappoint a flight simmer. That’s how we would describe the unexpected launch of their 777-200 Base Pack for Flight Simulator, which is essentially the default (and basic) 747 with a 777 external model. Coming from Captain Sim, a very well-known development studio that has brought many high-quality airliners to flight simulators over the years, this first release for MSFS can only be seen as… underwhelming.

In all fairness, this is just a “Base Pack”, with Expansions coming in the future with added functionality, typically from Captain Sim. However, the developers don’t even seem very confident about that. Currently, the website says that this release of the 777 product line for MSFS “may include” said Expansions… a truly promising statement.

Captain Sim is charging $29.99 for this basic 777, so you would expect just a little more than a pretty external model. That’s mostly what you are getting here, a high-resolution Triple Seven, wing flex included, but sadly with the default 747 cockpit, systems… and sounds. The price is both too low to be taken seriously (a dead giveaway), and too high for what they are offering. Interesting, eh?

As expected, the community didn’t respond well to this release. Not coming from Captain Sim. But this is what they gave us, for now, and that’s what we’ll have to live with. Obviously, some people will simply enjoy having a 777 model in MSFS… but most were just expecting a little bit more.

The Captain Sim 777-200 Base Pack for MSFS is now available from the developers’ website.