Just Flight’s FS Traffic released for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Just Flight has released its highly anticipated FS Traffic addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available now for £26.99.

Promising “a frame-rate-friendly fleet of the highest quality AI aircraft models”, FS Traffic includes thousands of real commercial flight plans for the AI traffic to follow.

The models feature 4k textures, night lighting, custom animations, compatibility with ground services, and custom sound packs.

Also included is a dedicated application to manage the utility, Traffic Control Centre, which allows users to create custom flight plans for the models, add new liveries, import new models, and adjust a range of different settings.

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All models can be used for model matching and are compatible with online networks, including VATSIM.

While it offers a complete overhaul of the AI traffic models, it is still to a certain extent reliant upon the default MSFS infrastructure. The manual notes: “We have compiled the following list of simulator limitations that we have discovered during the development of FS Traffic. With the steady stream of updates which Asobo/Microsoft are providing for Microsoft Flight Simulator, however, we are hopeful that this list will be reduced with future MSFS updates.”


A key determinant in FS Traffic’s success will be how it compares with other existing AI utilities like AIG and FSLTL, especially with regard to fps. Just Flight has said it is “confident that FS Traffic is one of the best performing traffic programs ever seen in a flight simulation.”

In screenshots released on Facebook, the team ran comparisons at Heathrow between having no traffic, default offline traffic, default live traffic, and FS Traffic. The scenario with FS Traffic enabled was running at 62fps, while default live traffic ran at 55fps. It should be noted however that these are Just Flight’s own comparisons, and have not yet been independently carried out.

Equally, no comparisons have yet been carried out against AIG or FSLTL. That said, the performance showcased in Just Flight’s comparisons is an initial positive sign, and MSFS Addons will bring you a full review of the product in due course.

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