It’s finally out! FSLTL Live Traffic is now available for MSFS

Remember FSLTL, the hugely-promising live traffic injection system unveiled late last year? Well, the time has come for this groundbreaking tool to bring joy to your flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator. FSLTL is now available for free and promises to be a literal game-changer!

FSLTL naturally sparked the interest of the community when it was announced. If there’s something that can be improved in MSFS is the live AI traffic. There have been some third-party tools that have definitely made things better in different ways, like Aerosoft’s Simple Traffic and AIG, but FSLTL is looking to be the best one yet, powered by a comprehensive selection of models and liveries while being significantly more straightforward to setup and install!

In fact, if you’ve been put off by AIG’s cumbersome setup process, FSLTL is for you! It uses the FlyByWire installer to get up and running on your PC and it’s as simple as these things can go. You’ll just have to install the Injector tool, the main app that enables FSLTL to work with MSFS, and the Traffic Base Models. And that’s it!

FSLTL live traffic freeware msfs 3

FSLTL live traffic freeware msfs 2

FSLTL live traffic freeware msfs 1

The results will be… dramatic. Pop into a large airport and enjoy a wide variety of realistic AI airplanes going about their lives, taxiing, landing, taking off, fully interacting with the MSFS ATC system. It’s beautiful! The simulator comes into life with real-world life traffic data (FSLTL previously said this would be powered by Flightradar24, but it’s unclear if they’re actually using this data on the release build).

Right now, FSLTL counts with nearly 1,000 aircraft liveries from all the major international and regional liveries. Expect more to be added with time! These are used in conjunction with native 3D models of the most common airplanes in the world’s airports (including GA… but not military). These are highly optimized for performance and should not hurt users’ systems too much. Furthermore, these models include their own set of custom sounds, which you’ll be able to hear as they pass near you in the airport!

Those who fly online will be happy to know that FSLTL is also fully VATSIM-ready.

FSLTL live traffic freeware msfs 5

This is definitely a great day for MSFS simmers. FSLTL appears to deliver on its promises to completely revamp the AI traffic in MSFS. And the best of all? It’s free! Grab your download and easy installation process through the FlyByWire installer (make sure to update to the latest version if you have it already) and enjoy the new, lively skies in MSFS.

Make sure to check the official User Guide to understand how to best take advantage of this game-changing tool.