It’s out! The ATR 42-600 / 72-600 from Hans Hartmann/Microsoft is now available for MSFS

Today is the day! A new chapter has been added to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator with the much-anticipated release of the ATR 42-600/72-600. This meticulously crafted add-on brings the iconic regional turboprop aircraft to life for MSFS simmers, offering unmatched levels of realism and immersion in a first-party aircraft. Developed through a collaboration between ATR and renowned third-party developer Hans Hartmann, the ATR 42/72-600 promises to elevate your experience flying short-haul routes to new heights!

The ATR 42/72-600 series, known for its versatility and fuel efficiency, has long been a staple of regional aviation. The aircraft’s ability to operate on shorter runways and in challenging conditions has made it a popular choice for airlines serving smaller communities and hard-to-reach destinations. The -600 series features advanced avionics, improved performance, and upgraded engines, making it the most sophisticated and eco-friendly iteration of the ATR family to date.

The development of the ATR 42/72-600 for MSFS is a monumental undertaking by Hans Hartmann, an expert in the aircraft whose old collaboration with Flight1 still holds fond memories with simmers who flew that old goodie from almost 20 years ago.

The new ATR for Microsoft Flight Simulator involved hundreds of hours of research, development, and testing. Hans Hartmann and his team worked closely with ATR to ensure that the digital twin accurately captured every nuance of the real aircraft. This collaboration resulted in an add-on that boasts excellent levels of detail, from the aircraft’s exterior textures to its intricate cockpit layout and systems.

The ATR 42/72-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now for purchase on the MSFS Marketplace for just $19.99. Price is even lower if you own the Deluxe/Premium Deluxe Edition edition! And it works on PC and Xbox!

Liveries are not abundant, though, but the community will surely work on those in due time. Here’s what’s included:

ATR 42-600: 3 liveries – ATR House Livery, Air Saint Pierre, Silver Airways
ATR 72-600: 5 liveries – ATR House Livery, Silver Airways and 3 Air Tahiti liveries.

We’ll update this post with further information once it’s officially published by Microsoft.