Microsoft Flight Simulator introduces Marketplace discount for Deluxe and Premium Deluxe users

During the Developer Livestream held last week, Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, made an announcement that will delight simmers who have invested in the more expensive editions of the simulator. Jorg revealed that the prices of first-party add-ons in the Marketplace had changed, and that simmers who own the Deluxe, Premium, or Premium Deluxe versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator would receive a 33% discount off the purchase of all first-party planes from the Marketplace.

This move is intended to show appreciation to players who have invested in the higher-tier versions of the simulator. The discount is available to anyone who owns any of the Deluxe, Premium, or Premium Deluxe editions or upgrades, even if they initially purchased the Standard Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

MSFS Antonov An 2 MSFS released 2
The discount is available on all 1st-party aircraft, including the very new An-2.

Furthermore, the discount is permanent and not a temporary sale, meaning that players who meet the criteria can take advantage of the discount at any time.

The immediate effect of this change is a reduced price for all airplanes released under the Famous Flyers and the Local Legend series, such as the recently-released Antonov An-225 and An-2, but also the Caribou, the V35 Bonanza, and more.

Overall, the move by Microsoft to offer a permanent discount to players who own the Deluxe, Premium, or Premium Deluxe versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator is a welcome one and shows a commitment to rewarding and recognizing the loyalty of their customers. While most of the current 1st-party offerings are already quite affordable, it’s likely that the 33% discount in the upcoming release of the ATR 42/72, the first in a new “Expert Series” of products, will sweeten the deal for those who own the Deluxe, Premium, and Premium Deluxe of MSFS.