iniBuilds announces the luxurious Spartan 7W Executive for MSFS

iniBuilds has announced its newest addition to the Microsoft Flight Simulator’s CLASSIC aircraft range, the stunning Spartan 7W Executive. Building on the success of their previous release, the BF 108 Taifun, iniBuilds is looking to expand its virtual fleet of historic aircraft for MSFS simmers to enjoy.

Though still in the early stages of production, iniBuilds is confident that the Spartan 7W Executive will be an impressive and immersive addition to their lineup. The company has already begun showcasing the project to give its community a taste of what’s to come.

The Spartan 7W Executive was the epitome of luxury air travel in the late 1930s. It was highly sought after by affluent aircraft owners worldwide, thanks to its spacious and lavish interiors. iniBuilds promises to faithfully recreate these opulent spaces to the highest standards, transporting virtual pilots back to the golden age of aviation.

iniBuilds SPartan 7W Executive MSFS 2

iniBuilds SPartan 7W Executive MSFS 1

While not much information has been revealed about the aircraft’s features, iniBuilds assures us that we can expect the same level of dedication and quality that we’ve come to know from previous releases. This means meticulous attention to detail in all areas, from the aircraft’s modeling and textures to its flight dynamics and systems.

For now, there are only a few preview images of the Spartan 7W’s model, which you can see above. Expect more detailed information about this project to be available over the coming weeks as iniBuilds moves forward with the development.