It’s finally here! The Antonov An-2 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The elusive Antonov An-2, whose development we followed with great attention two years ago (!) when it was still solely an ATSimulation’s project, has finally been released for MSFS. Microsoft took this project under its umbrella later in 2021, working in collaboration with the developer to release the An-2 as a “Famous Flier” in MSFS. Unfortunately, licensing issues brought a lengthy delay in the release, but Antonov’s newfound openness has finally enabled the launch of iconic airplanes from the manufacturer, such as the An-225 and, today, the An-2.

The Antonov An-2 is a versatile and rugged aviation legend. It’s a single-engine, short take-off and landing (STOL) utility biplane produced by Ukrainian aviation manufacturer Antonov. It is crewed by two and can carry up to twelve passengers.

The An-2 has a rich history, with over 18,000 units manufactured from 1947 to 2001 in Ukraine and Poland. The aircraft has been utilized in a wide range of applications, including crop dusting, medical transport, passenger travel, cargo, scientific, surveying, skydiving, fire suppression, and military exercises. It has also been converted into an unmanned aerial vehicle many times for military applications.

The aircraft was initially designed in the 1930s by Soviet aerospace engineer Oleg Antonov, who envisioned a tough, single-engine utility biplane that could serve many civil needs. The aircraft took its maiden flight on August 31, 1947, after months of feverish work by the top-secret Soviet Research and Design Bureau Number 153 (OKB-153), which would later become Antonov Company.

One of the An-2’s most notable features is its ability to fly slowly. Due to its large wings and leading-edge slats, pilots can maintain controlled flight as slow as 32 mph and even lower in certain conditions. It can take-off with as little as 65 feet of runway and land with just 50 feet of ground roll, which are just phenomenal numbers for an aircraft of this size.

MSFS Antonov An 2 MSFS released 2

MSFS Antonov An 2 MSFS released 1

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The Antonov An-2 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator in four variants, all with 4K liveries. It looks remarkably detailed in the promotional materials released by Microsoft, a true high-fidelity digital preservation of this iconic airplane. It should also be very detailed in the simulation of its systems and engine!

The 4 variants include a terrestrial, wheel landing gear version with a standard cockpit featuring steam gauges and ten liveries; a terrestrial, wheel landing gear version with a modern GPS cockpit and two liveries; a floating version for water operations and a standard cockpit with steam gauges and two liveries; and one fitted with skis and a standard cockpit with steam gauges and one livery.

The An-2 is now available for purchase in the MSFS Marketplace, priced at $14.99 for PC and Xbox.