Aerosoft assures the A330 will be out for MSFS this year

As weeks go by, we begin to learn a little more about the ongoing development of the Airbus A330 by Aerosoft. The widebody airliner, which we initially saw earlier this year, has been teased a few times with some sweet images of its external fuselage and flight deck. This time, however, we have a clear estimate for a release in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Mathijs Kok, Product Manager at Aerosoft and our usual source of many bits and pieces about what is going on behind the scenes in the German studio, has assured us this week that the A330 will be out for MSFS “late in the year for sure.

This may come as a bit of a surprise, knowing how complex the development of the A330 must be, and considering Aerosoft’s recent history with the CRJ and Twin Otter. We’re already nearly halfway through the year, so there’s only a handful of months for “late in the year”, but Mathijs says that the development is “going pretty smooth, so why should we doubt?

Aerosoft A330 MSFS 1

Aerosoft A330 MSFS simbrief 1

Aerosoft A330 MSFS previews 5

The truth is that we’ve seen the A330 evolve quickly from some initial fuselage schematics to a nearly fully modeled cockpit and even a few images of the EFB. Does that mean we’ll have a new airliner to fly in MSFS later this year? It all points to that, after all!

MSFS simmers are busy these days with the first few “study-level” airliners to arrive on the platform. The Maddog MD-82, the BAe 146, and the PMDG 737 came just a few days apart with some awe-inspiring flight simulation experiences. Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally proving to be a capable big jet simulator, and things can only improve with time.

As a final note for this short but sweet news update, Aerosoft is looking for real-world A330 pilots to provide some assistance with the flight model. If you’re one of these lucky few, or know someone that is, contact Mathijs directly at [email protected] to offer some welcome help to the development team!