Orbx releases EA-7 Edgley Optica trailer, release happening soon

Remember the oddly-looking EA-7 Edgley Optica, an aircraft that Orbx announced some weeks ago for MSFS, which in the meantime has also been recreated in freeware form by Aerosoar? Well, Orbx seems to be getting ready for a release, as indicated by this weekend’s launch of an official trailer video for the Edgley Optica.

The Edgley Optica is a very interesting machine, created for low-speed observation work as an alternative to helicopters. It certainly looks like you’re inside a helicopter when sitting in the cockpit, thanks to the bubble-like canopy that provides a very wide observation point.

Orbx has said before that they are looking to replicate the Edgley Optica with high attention to detail. We wouldn’t expect less than that, coming from one of the best scenery development studios around. In fact, the Edgley Optica should be an ideal choice to explore Orbx’s sceneries.

The trailer video shows the aircraft in appreciable detail, both outside and inside. The interior is, as expected, very reminiscent of an helicopter’s cockpit. Outside, Orbx is looking to replicate some real-world liveries, but will also include a few custom ones.

With the trailer launch, it seems this Edgley Optica is about to touchdown in Flight Simulator. It will be Orbx’s first aircraft for MSFS, and will hopefully bode well for similar future projects from the Australian developers. As usual, you can count on us for more updates once we have confirmation of a release date!

Orbx Edgley Optica MSFS.11

Orbx Edgley Optica MSFS.10

Orbx Edgley Optica MSFS.9

Orbx Edgley Optica MSFS.8

Orbx Edgley Optica MSFS.6

Orbx Edgley Optica MSFS.5

Orbx Edgley Optica MSFS.4

Orbx Edgley Optica MSFS.3

Orbx Edgley Optica MSFS.2