Navigraph charts are now available from the MSFS toolbar

Flight Simulator continues to get very useful features from third parties, a clear sign that everyone is invested in the future of this sim and believes in its potential. Today, we have a very nice update from Navigraph, the very popular source for the latest navdata and charts for Flight Simulator. Navigraph is now integrated inside MSFS, easily accessible from the in-game toolbar!

We have seen some great ways to access Navigraph data without leaving the sim, such as the integration with the GTN 750 mod, thus making the charts available in any aircraft that support this excellent third-party mod. Working Title have also added Navigraph integration to their G3000 mod, as well as to the CJ4. Even the A320NX by FlyByWire is able to access these charts from the in-cockpit Flypad.

As expected, you need to have a Navigraph subscription in order to access this great new feature. After installed, you will find a new toolbar button inside MSFS, which opens a pop-up window from where you can login to your account and access the charts and other data, showing your aircraft position and all. It’s seamlessly integrated and looks great!

navigraph charts msfs toolbar 2

A group of users who will definitely love this are those flying in VR. It has been a much-requested feature, since going out of MSFS when in VR is rather inconvenient and a very unpredictable adventure. Therefore, with the charts easily accessible right inside the sim, without new windows from external apps, is a godsend!

Initial reception seems very good, praising the usefulness of having the charts just a click away inside the simulator. A few niggles have also been reported, most importantly the need to signing every time the sim is restarted. It’s still a little rough around the edges, but Navigraph should be able to quickly fix any shortcomings. So, if you don’t have a Navigraph subscription, and with the variety of integration options that we now have in MSFS, this may be the best time to try it!